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Physical Security Devices

Don't forget to project your hardware too

The very best in Software security isn't worth very much if somebody walks off with your computer under their arm. The following gives a brief overview of some of the options available for physically securing your data.

Adhesive Mount Cables

Steel cables aren't the most attractive things to have around your desk and your computer equipment, but neither are many of the other devices in this section. That said, they are a relatively inexpensive way of preventing theft of equipment. Specially designed plates are affixed to your computer case, your monitor and your desk with a super-strong adhesive compound, the cables are then threaded through loops in the plates and secured with a padlock.

Secure Casing

Even less attractive than steel cables, but probably more secure and more expensive are steel secure casing options. These are strong steel cases, often quite thick and heavy steel that surround your computers case. They can be bolted to the floor, your desk or a heavy block of metal.

Audible Alarms

Devices can be fitted either inside your computer case or affixed to the outside, and when disturbed they will emit a loud siren that will alert anybody within earshot that something is being stolen. The downside to these is, in my experience they tend to go off when not wanted and that can be quite irritating. Having said that, they are usually quite loud enough to attract attention and you may want to consider the option.

Marking Systems

Computer Equipment that is marked with an identity mark such as a postcode is fairly easy and cheap. The marking can be performed in various ways, in the form of tabs that are fixed with an strong epoxy adhesive or by an etching compound. If you do choose a marking system make sure it's an attractive one and that you have patience while applying the mark.

Disk Drive Locks

To protect your drives from misuse there are a wide range of hardware solutions that will prevent them being used at all without a key. Some are stronger than others, and some of them have pathetic locks that can be forced easily with a paperclip, but if you choose a good one it can be extremely effective.

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