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How to change your windows 98 password

Changing your windows password is easy, here's a simple five step guide to changing your windows 98 password.

Step 1 - Bring up the windows control panel

Step 1

Bring up the Windows Control Panel. Click on the Start menu and then Settings and then Control Panel This will display the Windows control panel shown in step 2.

Step 2 - Start the passwords applet

Step 2

Start the Passwords Applet. In the windows control panel find the Passwords applet, the icon with three keys on a ring, and double click on it. This will launch the control panel passwords applet, shown below.

Step 3

Click Change Windows Password. Click the button "Change Windows Password...". At this step, if you are connected to a domain on a local area network you might be asked if you want to change those passwords to match. Otherwise you'll see the dialog shown below.

Step 4 - Enter your old password

Step 4

Enter your old password. Type your existing password into the top text box, you'll notice that as you type asterisks (*'s) appear, this is to make sure that nobody sees what your typing. Now press the TAB key to move to the next step.

Step 5 - Enter your new password twice

Step 5

Enter your new password twice. Now enter your new password twice, you're entering it twice just to make sure that you don't make a typing mistake and change your password to something you didn't intend. Now click the OK button or press ENTER.

For hints on choosing a good password see my password guide.

All done!

Friday 10th July 2009 03:01